Welcome to my vaping story!

Hi, Dangerous Johnny here. I say dangerous because I spent years smoking cigarettes, years, and years, and years and even more years.

Then along came a spider….. sorry, I mean along came a health scare. That changed everything for me. I no longer felt a need to smoke every minute of the day, but instead I felt a very sudden and strong need to get off tobacco and get healthy.

The problem is, as one or two people may already know, nicotine is one hell of an addiction! 🙂

I spent day and night staring at the wall in my office. Let alone being unable to concentrate, I was unable to even remember why I sat down in the first place. It was a sheer and utter nightmare. The urge to smoke was insane, it gripped me around the throat and made me feel I would drop dead if I didn’t pull another smoke out and light it up. But the truth was quite the opposite, doing so was the most likely way to die prematurely as everyone had been telling me for years, only this time the doctors were telling me it too.

I had some scans and blood tests, an incredibly scary time it was as you can probably imagine. This fear actually made the idea of giving up tobacco quite easy to accept, at first anyway. But once I got the all clear (thank God), that tiny urge got bigger and bigger, until I couldn’t resist it any more. I know how pathetic that sounds, but having smoked very heavily from a very young age, smoking felt like it was part of my DNA, my identity, my entire being. Being without it felt like being without my legs, it truly was that hard.

It was around this time when a good friend of mine came to visit, and he stayed with me a few days. He was a heavy smoker too, we used to roll smokes together at school, and I was dreading him visiting to be honest. To my great relief, when he turned up he quickly told me he was no longer a smoker. YEHAAAAA! I felt SO relieved I can’t even describe it. It just shows how much of the addiction is peer-based. To face the thought of sitting with my old buddy, NOT taking part in his lovely habit, yuk! So we got chatting and that was when he pulled out his ….. electronic cigarette. His WHAT?! Yep, I was a green as a leaf to this whole concept, it was a good few years ago now you understand, I wasn’t that ignorant to the world around me!

I saw him vaping and it made me quite fidgety for obvious reasons. I asked for a go on it, and I was like a kid in a sweet shop as I watched the end glow orange, and that glorious feeling of “smoke” entering my mouth, then my lungs, then leaving my mouth with some fancy-ass smoke rings!! Only as he quickly informed me, they were not smoke rings, they were “vape rings”. That was when my learning curve began. We sat talking about E-Cigs for the next 2-3 hours over a good few beers. I learned about the various brands, asked him for some of his reviews and recommendations, and began my plans to get me one of these amazing things! (By the way, this guy is the man behind this e-cigarette review site.)

I think the e-cigarette my friend was using was a GreenSmoke. I can’t remember now, but I am pretty sure it was. Whatever it was, it was very similar to a real smoke, obviously a lot heavier and didn’t burn the pocket when you dropped it back in! I got reading reviews online as soon as he was in bed, and I had ordered my first e-cig starter kit before I laid my weary head!

My E-Cigarette arrived while my friend was still staying at my place, he was staying for a week. I ordered a cheapish one and it was a mistake, the quality was nothing like as good as his device. But I think his was 4 times the price which explained why. But still, I was happy enough to get my nicotine without burning tobacco. This was what it was all about for me. I just wanted that excruciating urge to go away but I didn’t want to risk dying for it. Ok, nobody can say E-Cigs are 100% safe, in fact many people say they are not safe at all, but one thing I am yet to read is the statement  “Ecigs are just as dangerous as tobacco”, and I don’t think I will ever heard that one!

So to me, this was a compromise to get me out of a horrible jam, and get me able to focus at my desk again and get rid of some of the backlog which had built up since giving up tobacco. My doctor’s appointment was due in a few days to get the final final all clear, most of my concerns about the health stuff had disappeared already but this last appointment could have brought up some ugly stuff still, so I wasn’t totally relaxed if you get what I mean. I used the appointment firstly to hear that I wasn’t seriously unwell, which thankfully I wasn’t, but then I got into talking about E-Cigs with the doctor. He wasn’t a proponent of them, he can’t be really can he, but he did say in his opinion it was WAY better than taking up the tobacco smokes again. That was all I needed to hear.

I haven’t looked back since. I now find the smell of tobacco disgusting, and the smell of people who smoke is even worse. I smell clean. I feel clean. Perhaps I am clean, who knows! But I am no longer a dribbling idiot paralyzed by my need for nicotine.

*** Please Note: In most western nations, electronic cigarettes are not an approved stop smoking method. This is much to do with tobacco politics if you ask me, but either way, they are not to be thought of, used, or marketed as a smoking cessation device as they are not approved by the FDA. Here is their current view of e-cigarettes, and here is another interesting article well worth a read if you are interested like me, in the politics surrounding this huge growing industry.  ***

I decided to set this site up after around 2 years of regular use of electronic cigarettes now. I wouldn’t be without mine, and whilst I can’t deny the best thing for any smoker to do is just GIVE UP all nicotine, the truth as I know only too well is that it can be damn near impossible for some people to do so. I smoked 40-50 cigarettes a DAY, for 20 YEARS. To suddenly go without that daily, hourly input of nicotine, plus all the psychological triggers and needs which go hand in hand with such a heavy addiction, just “going without” altogether is not an option for me, and for many other people I know. Therefore I hope to provide some useful information on this site, for anyone who like me needs a healthiEEEERRRRRRR way of satisfying a nicotine habit. I don’t for a minute profess the use of ECigs, I merely suggest that they may offer you what they offered me, a way to avoid the proven deadly risks of tobacco smoking, in favour of some reduced risks, but no doubt some risks all the same.

I hope the information is of use to you and I welcome comments from all corners here. I will be doing some reviews, some write-ups and some criticisms of certain e-cigarette brands as there really are a whole range of brands, ranging from absolutely disgraceful to absolutely magical! If I can help someone make the right choice, save a few bucks, and get to their favorite e-cig and e-juice flavor quickly then I am happy. Enjoy your e-cigs, I enjoy mine!

And if for any reason you are wondering whether giving up smoking is something you really need to consider doing yourself….. check out the SmokeFree campaign for some very scary stories of real lives smashed to pieces by tobacco. It may tip you over the edge, just what you need. 🙂