Quick update from lil’ Johnny!

Hey guys, not been around much for many reasons which most of you know after seeing me bleating about all my troubles on Facebook.

You’ll have noticed I pulled some pages down, I actually nearly lost the site because it nearly expired. Glad I got the email in time, what with everything going on with family and stuff i very nearly missed the renewal notice.

You will also notice the new “About Me” page, have a read of that if you are not caught up with what I am up to lately. Short version is I gave up the vapes and moved on for good from all that trash. I loved it while it lasted, but it was time to kick it to the kerb.

My mom is still up to her old tricks blackmailing the rest of the family with her victimhood addiction, my father is still drinking like an elephant at a watering hole, my brother is still cool and doing great in his sports stuff, and my pooch is still as cute as ever…

Well that’s a quick hello outta the way, I will be posting more regular again now, thanks to all those who sent me their love on messenger, illness is all behind me now and time to kick some Johnny ass out of life again! Luvvin y’all……..