He’s back, with a vengeance, and a new hobby!!! Betfair trading!

So how’s everyone doing? Sorry for not posting for a while. I have been away, ill, then away again, then into a new hobby, and all that took up the best part of 6 months.

What am I up to?

Long story short – I am now a PART time Betfair trader! I met a guy in a bar…… (shut up already!) and after getting to know him pretty quick, we became good friends and he offered to teach me a bit about what he does for a living. You might not believe it, but he “trades” sports events, horse racing and stuff like that, for real money. And for damn good money too, at least I think so, I haven’t asked any personal questions.

Betfair trading is just like trading in commodities like wheat or gold, or foreign exchange currency trading etc.  I have never done any of those things but it has always interested me and I always hoped to learn some day. Well i don’t think i will now, because this trading on betfair is even better. WAY better in fact, for reasons I will explain over the coming weeks as I blog about my exciting journey.

You can Google it or see the trading platform live at Betfair, but my friend told me to use this trading blog (I just follow their Twitter page) for my basic learning as he said there’s a lot of useful info there and he was right. For a total noob like me I needed pure basics and this guy offers a free and very easy to understand Betfair guide book which explains what trading is and how to get started in it. I read this ebook cover to cover TWICE, and it brought me up to speed enough to start studying what Jason (my interesting friend!) was doing and enabling me to learn more about trading for real, with real money, scary stuff oh yes!

I got myself a copy of Gruss software which has taken my trading to new levels and allows me to do so much more with my 2-3 hours a day of “fun” !

I had some sketchy patches but all in all its going real well right now. I have learned about trading football, tennis and more lately I am looking at horse racing trading. However this is serious business and it will be a while before I feel totally confident in that area of the exchange. Everything happens so far, and watching Jason trade live (on Skype screen share which is so cool) its enough to make my heart miss a beat or two sometimes. There are millions upon millions of bucks going through these traders accounts on the trading exchange, I dabble with pennies and feel like such a small fish, but it’s all good.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor was my Betfair balance!! But its growing, and I intend to keep it that way.

Stay tuned to see me grow, or blow up, who knows!!

Oh and PS – this is a nice little clip to show how super cool this hobby of mine can be, if only that was me in the video trading!!